It's A Cold, Cold World!

The Ice Queen

These are the tales of the Ice Queen! Her minions are as many as the snowflakes that fall, in every drop of water, and every shard of ice.

The Ice Queen

She'll beguile you with the illusion of warmth in the midst of the icy grip of winter promising to make you immortally splendid, until the end of time!

The story of the Ice Queen began like this:

There was once a child born of the Heavenly Father and Mother Nature. Her name is Icera, to be the Ice Queen eventually. On the day that she was born there was not much of the place we call Earth but a cold rock and the black twinkling stars of the heavens. A great newborn cry called out in to the void. Her mother held her in her arms as her father draped his arms around them both.

"Our first child together," said Mother Nature. "She's beautiful isn't she?"

"Yes," said the Heavenly Father as the child cried out. Breaths of frost escaped her tiny mouth into space. "What a feisty one. Just like her mother."

The child kicked wildly as Mother Nature nodded in agreement smiling with secret pride. "Ah yes darling, I think you may be right about that."

They both shared a jolly laugh together as eons of time passed. The Sun emerged burning brightly in the sky above the earth. Mother Nature's laugh continued on brashly bellowing into the night while her eyes glowed into bright stars, suns in other worlds. She spoke down upon the earth where the child gently descended upon the ground with stardust sparkling and protecting her gentle landing. Shards of ice formed beneath the child and branched out covering the land’s horizon. The shards melted to form clouds that formed in the sky and snow and rain fell from them.

"My lovely child, I will need you for many tasks and together we will change the face of this world to keep the balance of nature in tact.”

Before the Ice Queen had became a woman she lived for many years before time had years, alone among the places she dwelled unaware that there were anything else in the universe, but the sounds of the wind, the tremble of movement beneath the ground and the stirring of the sky above. She even saw the day when the moon settled upon its orbit around the earth.

The moon has always been special to her. Back then it was her silent friend looming in the wings of night and at times during the day in the sky. She talked to the moon and listened to the sweet songs it sang like the glowing light you can see it radiates on a cold still night. It's soothing illumination made crystals of ice in the snow glisten like stars spread across the heavens. What great times she had laughing, playing, admiring and dancing in the snow she made as the moon happily watched, always loving and kind.

When the Ice Queen became a woman, one day when she was enjoying herself while conjuring up an electrical snowstorm, Mother Nature visited her for the first time materializing out of a lighting bolt. Icera was afraid because she never knew there was anyone else in existence as she was left all alone for so many eons.

“I see, you are having fun,” her mother laughed drawing closer from a mist a bit yonder. “You are showing such great promise.”

"Who are you?" Icera questioned with caution backing away in complete terror.

"I am your mother," Mother Nature answered circling around her daughter examining her development from head to toe. "My, my, have you grown. Your father and I are quite pleased. And I see you have developed much of your powers completely on your own."

"Mother? Father?" the Ice Queen interrupted grasping hold of her chest as if there was a morsel of emotion... maybe even feelings resided there. “Where is my father?

"Oh, the Heavenly Father?" her mother said touching Icera’s shoulder. The impact of being touched for the first time made the Ice Queen flinch. She wasn't so sure she liked that one bit. “He’s… around. He’s always watching but he rarely makes appearances."

"Where did you come from?"

"I came from the bowels of this world."

The Ice Queen thought deeply about her mother's words and wondered a great many things. "Of course," the Icera nodded sarcastically. "Where else would you come from? Tell me why you are here. I've been alone for so long. I clearly don’t need the company."

"I know," Mother Nature agreed. "I know you rather like the world as it is. And for a time that was needed to get things started on this planet. But your father and I... had another child. She is of fire and warmth."

From the folds of Mother Nature's dress a little girl emerged with with fire brooding from her skin.

Immediately, the Ice Queen became filled with pain and hissed at the sight of the girl. "This is fire and warmth?" the Icera asked nearly wheezing from the pain she felt emanating from the girl’s heat.

The little girl clung to Mother Nature, screeching like the sounds from a scared beast.  She too was feeling uncomfortable.

Mother Nature waved her hand casting a spell that would neither let their powers of fire or the cold never affect the two sisters. Gradually their pain disappeared.

"Yes, your sister is of fire," Mother Nature said touching the child who did not flinch at her touch displaying a connection between mother and daughter that Icera had never experienced. "She is the Fire Queen, Sola. The two of you shall work together to manifest life in this world."

"Life?" the Ice Queen asked. "Why do we need... life?"

"Because this is what your father wants," Mother Nature responded.

“What if I refuse?”

"The first thing you need to know about your father is that when he wants something, you bend your knees and bow. You may persuade him to see your point of view, but if he commands you, save yourself a world of trouble and do it."

Mother Nature took each sister separately to their portals to enter their own special dimensions off world. She took Icera to to Morthus, the Ice Queen's private dimension.  Icera could go to her dimension from anywhere she so desired, but any other creature able to withstand he cold would have to enter and exit through the portals at the poles with magic.

Sola’s dimension was called, Haltogeist with portals at the Bermuda Triangle and Mount St. Hellens.

Once in their dimension, each sister took one single millennium to design and build their very own fortress and cultivate their dimension of either hot or cold.

Mother Nature set out to teach the sisters about the vast lands of the world and the areas in which they were both to rule separately, together, and seasonally. Each equinox the other would know what areas they were to rule and co-rule. The sisters were given each a majestic globe, a small magical replica of the Earth in which they could maintain the temperatures to keep a balance in nature.

Slowly, the world began to breed little green things that sprouted from the ground and creatures that crawled and ate, lived and died. To Icera, everything about them was disturbing. She could hear their thoughts, their howls of pain, and felt their tears.

Even the moon could no longer give her comfort as she left the Earth preferring to spend time in her fortress off-world at Morthus. Alone in her fortress she found true happiness. I reminded her earlier years of her life when there was peace and quiet, and she ruled autonomously.

She stopped caring for her duties and the planet became overwhelmed by heat.

Millenniums passed that Icera had not returned to earth since life began, abandoning her duties to maintain balance. All was serene until one day when Icera was at play in Morthus, creating snow maidens to dance for her in the icy wastelands of her dimension, Mother Nature materialized from thin air. From the expression on her face, Mother Nature was in an incredibly angry mood.

“Ah, you again.” Icera cooed coolly waving her hands in the air to create a minion from the snow.

“You listen to me and you listen good,” Mother Nature said moving in closer to look Icera in the eyes. “Your father and I have been patient with you, but you’ve gone too far! Is this all that you care about… your dancing snow?”
“Yes, they make me happy,” the Ice Queen affirmed tossing her frosty hair into the wind. “The so-called ‘life’ that we are trying to create... sustain… is it worth our effort? What good is it for them to exist when there is always struggle, death and pain? I can’t take it any more. I don’t see the purpose for it.”

“You have not yet learned the meaning of life and why it is so important,” her mother assessed as her voice softened. “Understand that life, even yours is about struggle. The journey of a life is beautiful… much like the joy you find in your dancing minions. It’s frolicking in the snow. Eventually they fall and are reborn again for the next dance. Life is about being beaten and getting back up on your feet. I had hoped you could find that out by observation… instead you’ve internalized it into something... to escape from.”

“Why should I listen to you?” she asked rolling her eyes while turning away with an outstretched hand to make another minion from the freshly fallen snow.

Mother Nature waved her hand and removed the power of magic from Icera’s hand within the instant. The Ice Queen took upon a look of horror when she felt the sudden hollowness emerge from within. She realized her powers were gone. She attempted her summoning again thrusting her palm into the air. She felt nothing of the customary surge of power that usually flowed from her hands.  There was no stirring within her core or vibrations of power emanating outward.  In fact she felt nothing at all. The standing crowd of minions fell apart about the glistening banks of icy snow.

Slowly, the Ice Queen began to feel something unique throughout her body. She trembled at the sensation and began wrapping her hands around her shoulders for protection... from the cold.

“What’s happening to me?”

“Your father…  He had me take away you powers to conjure the cold. You are still immortal but now you will be like the creatures you despise having to feel hot, cold, hunger and pain. You’ll also need to leave Morthus or you'll spend eternity frozen by your own magic.  Go back to Earth were there is food and warmth... until your father sees fit to restore your magic.”

“No!” Icera shivered as she spoke, terrified, cold, and angry. “This can’t be!   I need my magic back!”

“You'll learn. I warned you not to cross your father.”

“How could you?” Icera scoffed wiping her first real tears flowing down her cheeks.

Mother Nature shook her head. “This serves you right. Perhaps it was our mistake for leaving you alone for so many years. You have no perception of anything but your own pleasure! It's hard lesson you are about to learn.”

Without her powers the Icera survived for 3 millenniums in a warm tropical zone. All though she was immortal, she could still feel pain so she avoided dangerous animals and learned how to grow vegetation for food. She recognized her failure to see the happiness within the world… how young animals played and the bonds between them and their parents who protected them and guided them. Unable to hear their thoughts, it seemed it was much easier to understand them.

And so then she understood the meaning of life… the journey which Mother Nature spoke of.

She began to respect them and care for them.  She became one with nature as animals and growing things co-existed with her. She’d nearly forgotten about her cold beginnings.

On a typical day, something quite unusual occurred that changed everything for Icera. There was a strong tremor in the ground and darkness filled the sky. Suddenly she began to feel a most violent surge of energy through her body. It was as if suddenly she had her senses to hear what the creatures of the world were thinking and feeling suddenly returned to her and many of them were perishing all at once.

She screamed in terror and another rush of energy hit her, and another, and another. Her pupils had dilated and her from her breath there were flakes of snow once again. The tropical heat fought against her icy skin as she screamed out in pain.

Were her powers returning? She thought wildly. Perhaps she had been forgiven for her abandonment of her duty. Then what should have been a moment of triumph having her powers restored, took a turn for the worse. The painful transformation began to distort the properties of her nature, mind, and being.

The darkness that fell over the sky remained for a long time as Icera, the Ice Queen was reborn anew, more powerful than ever before, yet more savage, vicious, and indiscriminately murderous. Now, a dormant ice creature within her had been starving to unleash the cold upon the earth!

And so the time of this reckless abandon was called the Ice Age.

It was a particular time that Icera was not herself but a savage animal of ice and cold. She did not remember her home dimension, the majestic globe, or her family. She even forgot the stone castle she'd built.

There existed only the Ice Monster with a mischievous glee, squeezing the life out of everything in her midst. Now she was a predator on the hunt for warm territories to make very, very cold.

The Ice Queen's Rage During The Ice Age!

Several millenniums passed when the Ice Queen finally began to relinquish her hungry demon and she felt like her normal self again. Slowly day-by-day her memory was returning to her and she began to make the steps necessary to make herself whole again and shake off the monster’s possession of her soul.

She journeyed one bright sunny day to the South Pole and remembered to wish herself into her dimension where it was dark as night. To her amazement her lands mostly were of simply rock beneath her feet and dusty mountains in the far distant. She immediately began to summon up a cold path for herself as she gazed at her fortress. She smiled as she saw the integrity of the structure was still intact after so many millenniums.

Inside the fortress fortified in ice, she saw that even her powerful magic that created the structure couldn’t protect it from some melting and erosion. With a wave of her hand she began to restore her home to its former glory. Tirelessly she worked until finally she took a rest on her throne.

Looking all around she remembered everything she had forgotten while in the clutch of the angry ice monster. Now she was the Ice Queen again and she celebrated it by creating a lovely snowstorm to dance in both in her dimension and on earth.

The Ice Queen

Ah, it was a lovely sight for all of the animals of the cold regions that day.
Mother Nature and the Heavenly Father looked down upon her with such pride to have their daughter the way she was meant to be.

More Ice Queen Chronicles to come...